Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingles fall into three main categories

  • Three-Tab (the original Asphalt Shingle)

    • Three-Tab shingles are light weight, economically priced and over a sleek profile with straight lines.

    • Three-Tab shingles offer the least protection of asphalt shingles with a limited resistant to both wind and hail.

  •  Architectural (the most installed Asphalt Shingle)
    • Architectural shingles are a heavier shingle built mimic the look of cedar shakes in an easy to install and cost effective way.
    • The built up effect allows for greater color variations and shadow lines many for more distinct roof.
    • Superior protection over three-tabs even in entry level Architectural shingles, along with an aesthetically distinct look makes them the number one roofing choice in today's market.
  •  Designer (the most luxurious shingles)
    • Designer shingles are a heavyweight shingle built to compete with both the performance and beauty of more costly specialty roofing products like Slate, Tile, & Cedar Shakes.
    • Designer shingle installation is simple and cost effective compared to other specialty roofing products. However costs are significantly more than standard asphalt shingles. Due to weight and a more complex set of components.
    • They offer Superior protection over three-tabs and most Architectural shingles, while offering superior visual beauty previously only achieved with other specialty roofing systems .

our choice for shingle roofing

We Proudly recommend the use of Malarkey Asphalt Shingles! Why?

1) Weight Fact Malarkey Highlander 30 year Shingles have 4 bundles to a Square where as there competitors only have 3. This is because Malarkey Shingles are heavier.  There Competitors say this doesn't matter, however it does, bottom line Malarkey's mat is more dense allowing the mat to secure to the surface better.  Which equates to less blow offs in a wind event.

2) Zone Fact the zone is an area that a visually defines where the system is nailed, which clear defines if the roof problem on a warranty claim is manufacture or Installer.

3) AR Fact the Malarkey Highlander CS has a 20 year Algae resistant shingle double all there competitors which are 10 years.  This is because they use a 3M encapsulated granular that has copper in it.  

4) Double Seal Fact the Malarkey Highlander has to strips of an SEBS sealer that allows the shingle mat to seal on both sides of the zone, which really seals out the nails from weather.  This double seal makes the shingle impregnable to rain, snow, or wind. 

5) 1 Full Square Malarkey gives exactly what you pay for.  When the cut every shingle from the factory floor it is laser cut exact.  Now the competitors have some runs at .95 or .93 depending on the factory cut that day.  Bottom-line this saves time & money, and you clearly know what you get. 











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Watch video of the proper installation technique of malarkey Architectural Shingles.