Q: What are you looking for when you inspect the roof?

a: we look for storm Damage through either Wind, Hail and sometimes Snow, however insurance companies don't pay for rotted or neglect to maintenance.

Q: Why are you different than some of the big companies you hear daily?

A: We are Transparent with our business, better problem solvers, always available, and we use the best tools so that the quality of our work surpasses industry standard.

Q: How Much will this cost?

A: Its negotiated with your insurance company; on cash jobs we create a budget.

Q: When do I need to pay you?

A: When the Shingles Arrive on the roof or otherwise specified in the contract.

Q: What if insurance wont pay enough?

A: We make sure they do, that's why by going RCV we take all the Risk on.

Q: Do I get lien waivers?

A: If you Request them

Q: If I use you for the adjustment do I have to use you for the work?

A: Yes, We believe if we go there for free and take our time to get your roof bought we get the work.

Q: Can I use any shingle?

A: Yes, any shingle and color of your choice