What are you looking for when you inspect the roof?

We look for storm Damage through either Wind, Hail and sometimes Snow, however insurance companies don't pay for rotted or neglect to maintenance. If the roofing is actively leaking we will inspect the area of the leak for obvious damage. Then proceed to inspect sensitive areas (Flashings, Penetration & Valleys) at and around the area of the leak.

How do you differ from the big companies you hear daily?

We are transparent with our business, better problem solvers, always available, and we use the best tools so that the quality of our work surpasses industry standard.


How Much will this cost?

Whether an insurance claim or cash job the first step is to define the scope of work being performed.  Then a proposal estimate will be created.  When an insurance claim is involved we negotiate with your insurance company to establish a fair settlement.


When do I need to pay you?

First payment is usually expected when shingles have been put on the roof or when work begins. Remainder is usually expected on completion.  Payment can get complicated with Insurance claim and many times require us to work with your Mortgage holder.  However we have a specialist working in the office to handle all these concerns.


Do I get lien waivers?

Lien waiver can be requested.  If lien waiver is requested before final payment you will receive a conditional lien waiver.  If lien waiver is requested after final payment you will receive a unconditional lien waiver 


If I use you for the adjustment do I have to use you for the work?

Yes, setting up and winning an adjustment is a lot of work.  We take on the risk of not being will to get your insurance claim approved.  In return we expect we will be performing the work per the final settled insurance scope.


Does it cost anything if the claim is denied?

No we take on all the risk if we believe we can get your insurance claim approved.  However if you would still like your roof to be replacement the monies will then be your responsibility.